A deadly new drug is sweeping the mining town of Tsar’s Drop.

Red Amber, a crystalline powder that causes overwhelming euphoria and wanton aggression has found its way into the hands of some of the local miners and, bit by bit, into the general population of the town.

Alex Murphy – a maverick cop who doesn’t play by the rules but gets the job done, dammit – has been assigned to finding the cause and rooting the foul substance from the town. Tretch the Deep, a gnomish bounty hunter, has become Alex’s unlikely ally, his bounty last seen in the area of Tsar’s Drop.

Rounding out the party is Alastair, a tiefling sorcerer looking to prove himself as an officer in the army of Riversmeet, and a monk of the Raw Red Palm, who ran afoul of a gang high on Red Amber and now owes his life and honour to his three saviours.

Can this ragtag group of unlikely heroes find the source of this strange new drug and bring to justice those criminals responsible? Or will they too, succumb to Red Amber’s siren song, losing both their minds and bodies in the process?

The Mines of Madness

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