The Mines of Madness

Originally called the Corkscrew Mine and owned by the dwarven Gliltterdark Mining Consortium. The miners found veins of a krimsonite, which was thought to be valuable, but turned out to be both difficult to extract and brittle once separated from the rock upon which it grew.

A foreman called Pax Jaggershield bought out the other miners and he and his crew continued digging, hoping to find electrum. Instead, they broke into a tunnel inhabited by a purple worm and were forced to retreat.

A wizard called Abracadamus convinced Pax and his crew that krimsonite was a valuable spell component and paid them to extract it for him. In fact, Abracadamus had no interest in the krimsonite, but instead wanted the miners to excavate a hiding place for him and the prize he was sworn to guard: the Forever Stone, an artifact that prolongs life (among other things).

Abracadamus paid the miners dearly to ensconce him with the Stone deep in the mine, protected by all manner of traps. Once there though, some of the dwarves sought Abracadamus’ treasures for themselves and turned on each other, succumbing to a strange madness. Only Pax survived, staying in the mine until he died.

The Mines of Madness

The Mines of Madness timothy776