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  • Tsar's Drop

    The town of Tsar's Drop is located towards the border of the barony of [[Riversmeet]]. Its primary industry is mining, but it also is a border checkpoint and as such has a high transient population. As such, the town watch maintains a heavy presence here. …

  • The Watch House

    The Watch House of [[Tsar's Drop]] is one of the largest and most modern buildings in town, being the recipient of a sizable portion of the town's tax revenue.

  • The Falling Pick

    The bar in [[Tsar's Drop]] most commonly frequented by the town's mining population. The publican's name is Bolotti.

  • Missus Palm's

    A halfway house for travelers passing through [[Tsar's Drop]]. It also has an informal reputation for being something of a house of ill-repute.

  • Clarrick's Windups

    The business of one [[:clarrick-devon]], gnomish tinkerer, prankster and windup penis toy enthusiast. Watch out for the big dicking you're sure to experience upon arrival.

  • Riversmeet

    The barony of Riversmeet encompasses a huge tract of land, including the town of [[Tsar's Drop]] and the Mines of Madness.

  • The Mines of Madness

    Originally called the Corkscrew Mine and owned by the dwarven Gliltterdark Mining Consortium. The miners found veins of a krimsonite, which was thought to be valuable, but turned out to be both difficult to extract and brittle once separated from the rock …

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