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  • Gregory "Thunderdome" Vast

    Runner and general errand boy for the Broken Arrow Gang. First encountered by the party when they caught him selling [[Red Amber]] to a pair of distributors. He is currently incarcerated at the Watch House of Tsar's Drop.

  • Darrick Thundershield

    A distributor of Red Amber, contracted with his partner [[:rangrin-picksmith | Rangrin Picksmith]], by the Broken Arrow Gang. He was arrested by Alex Murphy and is currently held by the Watch in Tsar's Drop.

  • Rangrin Picksmith

    A distributor of [[Red Amber]] for the Broken Arrow Gang, with his partner [[:darrick-thundershield | Darrick Thundershield]]. He and his partner were caught buying the drug from [[:gregory-thunderdome-vast | Gregory]] and is currently incarcerated in [[ …

  • Pax Jaggershield

    The magical that suffuses the mines, had an unintended side effect: They released arcane energies that drove the original dwarves inhabitants past the brink of madness so that they ultimately turned on one another. Pax Jaggershield, the foreman, was …

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