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  • Hammond Drey

    Tretch the Deep has has many bounties over the years. Many have been brought to justice by his hand alone, though some insinuate themselves into larger organisations and require a concerted effort to root them out. Hammond Drey is one of the former. …

  • Gregory "Thunderdome" Vast

    Runner and general errand boy for the Broken Arrow Gang. First encountered by the party when they caught him selling [[Red Amber]] to a pair of distributors. He is currently incarcerated at the Watch House of Tsar's Drop.

  • Darrick Thundershield

    A distributor of Red Amber, contracted with his partner [[:rangrin-picksmith | Rangrin Picksmith]], by the Broken Arrow Gang. He was arrested by Alex Murphy and is currently held by the Watch in Tsar's Drop.

  • Rangrin Picksmith

    A distributor of [[Red Amber]] for the Broken Arrow Gang, with his partner [[:darrick-thundershield | Darrick Thundershield]]. He and his partner were caught buying the drug from [[:gregory-thunderdome-vast | Gregory]] and is currently incarcerated in [[ …

  • Pax Jaggershield

    The magical that suffuses the mines, had an unintended side effect: They released arcane energies that drove the original dwarves inhabitants past the brink of madness so that they ultimately turned on one another. Pax Jaggershield, the foreman, was …

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