The Mines of Madness

Week 3

In which the miniboss is defeated.

Tretch and Alastair disturb the dust in the lime pit (area 7), arousing the skeletal lizards. The sound of combat attracts the monk and Murphy, who come down the slide to join their companions. As the first few lizards are dispatched, the fight is joined by the Pax’s skeletal minions (area 8), who throw their axes at the party from the lip of the pit.

The party fight their way through the throng, with each character forced to utilise each of his resources to gain the upper hand on the seemingly endless throngs of undead dwarves. As they climb out of the pit they see Pax Jaggershield himself standing atop a barrel full of blasting powder, surrounded by minions and shouting “finders keepers!” over and over. The party flanks him, dispatching his dwarves before defeating Pax himself while managing to keep the explosive intact.



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