The Mines of Madness

Week 2

In which backstory is gleaned and the mine is reached.

Murphy interrogates Gregory “Thunderdome” Vast and learns that the Broken Arrow gang is led by Arrowen Brownsmith. He also reveals that it was gang members Paul and Derrick who first discovered red amber outside the The Mines of Madness, and it was Arrowen who first took it and accidentally killed Paul while intoxicated and it was this act that prompted the gang to sell the drug.

Alastair and Murphy acquisition horses from the Watch quartermaster and set off for the Mine. Their first day passing through the plains surrounding the town passes without incident. On the second day they enter bushland surrounding the mountain area. They notice they’re being tailed by a group of goblins. The group dispatch all but one of them, who they interrogate. The goblin knows nothing of red amber or the Mines of Madness, though the monk attempts to trick the goblin into admitting knowledge of the drug by presenting it to the goblin, who inhales it and goes a little psycho, forcing the monk to kill him.

They follow the goblin party’s trail to their campsite, finding a stash of game.

The party marches on to the Mines, finding it on the end of the second day. Outhouse on the left side of the mine entrance, an old campsite on the right. They stake out the front of the mine, the monk approaching in his beggar disguise after it’s established nothing is happening. Monk enters the outhouse, triggering the purple worm attack. He dodges the worm and takes cover in the mine entrance until the worm retreats.

The party follows the mine tunnel to area 7 with the empty chicken coops. Tretch finds the super happy fun slide and correctly interprets the runes above it: “slide”. He unhesitatingly jumps in, followed by Alastair.



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