The Mines of Madness

The Adventure Begins

In which we meet our intrepid heroes and divine their quest

Sergeant Black assigns Murphy to the Red Amber case. Tretch and Alastair join him. They check out the local bar, the Falling Pick, but find the monk being assaulted outside by youths high on red amber. They save him, but not before he is disfigured by a Molotov to the face. Murray chases him down and they drag him back to the station for interrogation. The captive reveals he got the drug from a shifty-looking dwarf.

They return to The Falling Pick where Tretch observes a pair of dwarves having a muted conversation with 3 humans. Monk asks them for red amber and is soundly refused.

Tretch follows the dwarves out of town to a homestead. Overhears them say “Gregory is going to be a while.”

The others learn that Rudy, the new dwarven supervisor, was seen kicking possible pushers off Glittergold property recently and the group decide to investigate further. Sergeant Black advises them to check out Missus Palm’s, as new people in town often stay there. Alastair and the monk attempt to anonymously scope out the business, but succeed only in refused the advances of a prostitute and incapacitating a pair of would-be robbers in a flashy and decidedly less than subtle takedown.

Tretch returns to the bar and talks to some miners, learning from a reclusive older dwarf called “Nose” that the drug is likely made from krimsonite, and a gnome named Clarrick Devon might know some more about it.

Tretch seeks Clarrick out the next day to converse, gnome to gnome. After falling victim to the wily tinkerer’s falling windup penis gag, he successfully learns that the drug is indeed krimsonite, a brittle crystal formerly mined at the abandoned Mines of Madness. After learning more about the drug and the sad history of the mine, the group reconvene and decide to return to the homestead outside town.

Finding the door and window have been blocked up, the group attempt to force their way in and have to fight the two dwarves inside. They successfully break into the home and beat the dwarves inside into submission; one crushed under a wardrobe when Alex burst through the door, the other knocked unconscious against a doorframe. Gregory was found hiding inside the chimney and quickly broke under interrogation, revealing that he’s a runner for the gang run by Arrowen and the rest of the gang were up at the mine.

The three prisoners were taken back to the The Watch House.


  • Battleaxe
  • Longsword
  • Dagger
  • x2 crossbows
  • 3sp
  • A pouch filled with red amber, ready for sale.



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